Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA / KLIA2) in Malaysia. This airport is very vast, and very easy to get lost. We made simply map. Because I could not find something even if I searched the map on the Internet. Please print the PDF or save it on your smartphone for your travel and transit.

[PDF Download Here] Kuala Lumpur International Airport Information Map 

・ Satellite is all C gate.
・ Main terminal is called “Terminal M”.
・ Move between the satellite and the main terminal by aerotrain.
・ Main terminal 3rd Floor is called “main terminal level 3”.
・ Main terminal 4th Floor is called “contact peer level 4”.
・ Main terminal 3rd Floor (Level 3) exists gate A and B. Mainly for domestic flights.
・ Main terminal 4th Floor (level 4) exists gate G and H. Mainly for international flights.